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    SBR going down hill!

    I have been on the site for say 4-5 years and back then the site was More professional. I only use to look for winners and I won't post a play because there are a lot of Immature people. As you know if you decide to tail a capper it at your own risk ; what I see here is people swearing and making comments that are in called for after they loose.

    I frankly; rarely use the site and use another site, everyone their is professional and all try to help each other Break The Books.

    you need to monitor the little kids on these threads.

    I am sorry just being honest. I know it's hard, but cut the profanity out or monitor the site better.

    johnny Mac
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    Johnny, the reason people have to hate on your picks is because when you are a broke degenerate, you get off on rooting for other people to end up as pathetic as themselves. Degens get more of a thrill losing than winning. They want to see other people fail like them and hit rock-bottom.
    More than half of the losers on this site spend their lives at pawn shops, or borrowing from friends n family, burning bridges etc., and would do homosexual (Not that there's anything wrong wit it) favors if it got them a $20 10 team parlay on a sports site.
    Just remember, most of these guys don't even bet, because they have nothing. When you see these losers say they are betting "big" on a game, it means they are risking a few worthless betpoints 90% of the time. Just phony touts and jerkoffs.
    The guys who are firing real money don't spend their time on a site like this trying to get ppl to stroke them off.

    As far as teaming up and "Breaking the Books" like you say, I have 2 words for you- Brock Landers.
    Fade his picks and become a millionaire. He is the #1 gold-mine on this site. Sit back and collect like I did last year in baseball. Been counting down the days till the 2013 MLB season just cuz of him. Trust me, there is no better financial investment. Send him a xmas gift after the season's over, if you can get an address for a cardboard box under a bridge. Never seen anyone worse in my 25 years of sports-betting.
    The key isn't trying to find someone who picks a lot of winners, it's finding the black cloud in life who can't pick one.