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    A cooking section

    I suck at cooking and would like to cook more. I know gamblers are the best cooks because all my uncles are awesome at it

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    Hey WiKK... what would you like to learn how to cook? A cooking section would be great here at SBR. Hmm... what section sould it be in? You start the thread and I will chime in. I am a retired chef but a lifelong student. I am Carl here but am Papajoe8 at the cooking sites. Since this is the site suggestion section I would suggest the Roadfood.com forum. That is where I go to find the real deal cooking info. Lotsa retired restaurant owners, chefs. and food nuts hang around there. I have over 5,000 posts at Roodfood if you want to google them up. Chili and Texas cooking are my specialties but hey I might cook anything that didn't eat me first. I'm an X TexMeX chef though. Now days EASY TO COOK stuff is my specialty. How bout some great Tamales w/ Refried Beans and Rice? In less than 10 Mins... ? Now... back to the MLB playoff games tonight............. Carl

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    Cougar Bait should be the Mod of the Cooking Forum.