1. I'd like to have SBR forum be able to notify you via PM/e-mail whenever one of your posts is quoted and have it automatically gives you the link to click on to go to it. Only forum I've seen that does this is slickdeals.net and I love it. It really is helpful when you are posting in multiple threads and several days/weeks later someone quotes one of your posts to reply to you.....and you'll never see it to respond. I'd love to see this feature implemented in the forum.

2. I'd love to see an alert system setup, so for example if I wanted to be notified whenever a thread with the word "Steelers" in it is created I could do that. Or whenever "5Dimes" is mentioned in a thread title I could be notified by PM/e-mail.

3. Also, there are so many crap threads created everyday, why not implement a thumbs up/down system, so if people like a thread they could give it a thumbs up or thumbs down. Threads with more thumbs up will stay at the top longer, threads that get thumbed down fast go to the bottom. To prevent abuse of the system, like people automatically thumbing down a thread created by somebody they don't like, only give people 1 vote a day or something.

People that use slickdeals.net will notice these are all features that forum has, IMHO that forum is the best on the net, whoever created/programmed it was a genius.