Attention SBR Posters,

After much consideration, the decision to retire the Service Plays forum has been made. While we realize it has been a part of the SBR forum for many years, it does not align with our focus on the legalized sportsbook market.

We understand the intention of the Service Plays forum was for information sharing among bettors. However, sharing intellectual property without permission from the owner is a violation of copyright laws. The Service Plays forum also became a recurring source of scams over the years – something we don’t want any of our members to fall victim to, nor does SBR want to be involved with.

The forum guidelines have been updated to reflect this change:

"The sharing of service plays and information from
handicapper subscription picks is not permitted. Any such threads will be deleted, and the posters will be warned with a penalty to follow if it is repeated. Using the private message system to share service plays or in attempt to recruit members for ‘group buying’ is also prohibited."

Our goal is to foster a community where bettors share their own strategies and insights to learn from each other and make the best bets possible. There are plenty of sharp handicappers in the SBR forum and editorial team to get picks from and we look forward to watching many more develop.