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    scotty shiller the next lang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?????????

    I knew when I saw this fool come on here posting his new found system that it was indeed himself. Two nights ago he went 3-1 but what he didn't post on another site is that he lost money, his big play was a a foolish large money line, a lang move if I ever saw one. Last night shows how this clown has no betting experience. (A) plays 2-0-1, (E) 0-1, (J) 0-2 if he's around he will be a great FADE! I'm sure everone noticed lang-a-tangs marketing BS showing 6 straight dime winners, what he failed to mention in between he lost a six times dime play I tried to word that as best as possible I don't want to get a strike for the wrong terminology!

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    Shiller be all over the forums pimping and marketing

    He be clubbing too

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    A tout has to have a good (fake) name.......Shiller ain't a good name.

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    Yeah I think you are giving Shiller too much credit. Lang is a professional conman. Shiller is just a two bit grifter trying to make a couple of hundred bucks shilling the forums.