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    Quote Originally Posted by ronald View Post
    The issue isn't about being gay. The issue is about pandering. It's sickening. And I say that as the first openly gay poster in SBR history. Guys like maclife are hopelessly clueless. They wear rainbow colors, kneel for George thug Floyd, and fly Ukraine flag from car window simply to pat self on back. They have no identity, no brain, no original thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JIBBBY View Post

    You shouldn't post things like this. These things hurt the feelings of some people here and we need to be more inclusive.

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    No Country For Gay Men

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    Literally no one cares.

    Why more people cant just adopt a "Mind your business and let people live their lives as they want" way of life?

    If you don't want other people telling you how to live your life you cant tell others how to live theirs either.

    Live and let live, be and let be.
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    I didnít see it. Looks like the regular red stripes. Had a good closeup of Westin mckennie

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