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    this doesn't belong in here

    but I don't care.

    are any of you making Italian Easter pie? let me tell you a truth. you may think your pie is good mine is better much better. I have never served my Easter pie when I didn't get an OMG. no filers, no junk, just meat and cheese and eggs.

    hot sausage, good ham, good hard salami, hard boiled eggs, fresh eggs to go into the batter, and sometimes pepperoni and the main great ingredient whole milk Ricotta. cut the meat in perfect sizes. Mix well with clean hands and cut up a little bit of Tuma cheese and incorporate it in the batter. no flavor but it holds the mixture together. bake at 350 until you see brown on the outside. Let cool, remove from pie pan by inverting until it falls out.

    I also use some Italian bread crumbs on top and bottom. so so good. oh I forgot the black pepper, but no salt, no salt. this is a salt dish made almost entirely of protein. not good for you but once a year--that is okay.

    if you buy good meat and good cheese it will cost some real money. they sell these around here for 35 to 40 dollars and they are terrible. make you own. I usually make 6 or 8 and give them away.

    recipe comes from generations of living in Italy, Italians.

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    It’s very very filling but it’s good not many places make it well usually homemade is better

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    LAMB CAKES are the bomb

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    It’s an Italian delicacy fisher you’re happy eating 10 dogs three nights a week

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    Well, this belongs here...


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    Welcome to…..”Cooking with Degenerates”

    Please post your favorite recipes. Even heathy ones like salads, whatever the hell that is.

    And please Jibby, no fried bologna and hot dog water soup recipes.
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    My wife’s people are Italian….

    This thing is indigenous to North Jersey, just outside Lovely Newark …

    she makes a “Pizza Gain” meat n cheese pie that is dense ….
    Easter time treat
    cost about half a sheet a pie (small) so not cheap ….

    Friggen money though I’ll tell ya though …..