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    Trumpís True Legacy is Death

    The Trump-Virus killed another 2400 Americans just today; and in the past week has sickened over a million, and killed more than 11,000. These numbers come mostly from red states, where, Republican governors Ė lying sacks of shit Ė are naturally padding the numbers they report. Like Texas, which is really ramping up the number of infected and dead: fake news from Governor Abbot Ė he should be ashamed - as should Floridaís DeSantis.

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    Keep drinking the kool-aid

    ohns Hopkins study reveals Covid-19 has little effect in death toll...

    Of course, the mainstream media censored this info but here it is...

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    Your dumb as shit if you blaming Trump for this
    Like him or not
    Wtf he got to do with it
    Is it Trumps fault why
    its blowing up in Brazil ?
    India ?

    Damn man ....enough is enough
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    I can see willyboy wearing a mask outside on walks and also in his car with windows up. The whole time the virus was fake. I need to know what this retard is betting daily.

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    Another real life "woke" idiot.

    Love it.

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    Go play with your willy willyboy

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    Just a ridiculously uneducated post.

    7200 people per day die in the US on average

    To date, less than 6% of Covid positive death patients died from Covid as the primary cause. So really, that's 6 ot of every 100, so if 2500 covid positive deaths occured yesterday, covid was the primary cause of 150 deaths...or in other words, statistically, NOTHING.

    It's a non issue, political posturing. The other 96% of the deaths were dead men walking regardless.

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    willyboy is a battered housewife.
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