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    Trump-Virus Exploding While The Orange Blimp Whines

    Trump has now infected over 12 million Americans, a fact he’s boasted about. His “fantastic response” to Covid 19 has now killed nearly 260 million, and all he does is golf and whine about being fired. The pro-death-Red Herd-anti-maskers, whose racist and xenophobic inclinations are “legitimized” by the Loser-In-Chief, can’t get their logic in a straight line. They say the death numbers are inflated by blue state governors, but they are, somehow, still “murdering” people? Make up your minds, mush brains! When Trump withheld PPE from blue states back in April, and ordered the hospital ship sent to NY to refuse Covid 19 patients, who’s the real killer? Believe me, I could kick myself whenever I now think of how many times I’ve voted Republican in my life. The party of Lincoln – my former party – is now the party of morons. Never again.

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    Do liberals ever shut the fck up?

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    This guy jerks off to his charts

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    Willy you must be a fema, correct?