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    sit N go question?

    I specialize in ring games but have started playing more sit and go's of late. I was wondering what kind of % should a positive player expect in SNG's.

    based on a 10 seater where randomly your win% would be 10% and 30% in the money

    it seems to me that skill comes into play more when getting to the money but sometimes after that luck becomes more important when your down to 3 and chips are equal just becomes a one hand allin fest with big blinds.

    I was thinking my goal should be 16% win and 50% in the money? any thoughts by those who play lot of sng's?

    yep i should of mentioned in general i play 1/2 pl/nl but only playing $10 sng to get my feet wet so been doing very well as its like a drop down in competition
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    You're definitely in the neighborhood, maybe a touch high on both counts, but maybe not. Obviously it depends on your abiliity, but it also depends quite a bit on the limit. I've found the competition gets quite a bit tougher around $100-$200 buyins. Still worth the jump up, but profit did not scale linearly.

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    Actually, the most skill is required when trying to survive the bubble phase, when there may be 4 or 5 players left, two of which are short stacked. To answer your numbers question, a 16% return on investment is a fine average for a winning player. You won't need to make it into the money 50% of the time to realize a 16% ROI, though.

    If you are really good at short handed and heads up play, you'll be able to win your way to more than your share of 1st place finishes. I'd shoot for 40% in the money and 15-20% ROI.