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    Day to Day
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    Anyone here profit on online poker?

    Just wondering if anyone here makes decent money playing online poker at the top rated sportsbooks on this site?

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    grey area
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    on the site nope but only played two only, the most on 365 but lost back when won... back in the day + on Absolute n pokkerroom then Tilt n Stars now just 888

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    Rakeback and off the beaten path sites... especially linked to a betting site

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    maybe ballerholic does

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    yea I do. You can make a ton of money still. Lot of pros still playing making $5k+ a month and even more. I'm not there yet though, only make part time job income.

    If USA best site is Bovada/Ignition/Global Poker for everything. Only play ACR if you play MTTs. If european play any site and you can do well.

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    Points and cash debt
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    only disciplined soy boys

    most cannot even win at sbrpoker
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