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    Now that the football contests are over, lets start the TRIATHOLON poker series!

    That was a always a really good contest. Just dont allow moneylines to be taken in the handicapping version of the contest since we have alot of big dogs in NCAA. Nothing wrong with a 100-200 play handicapping spread contest though.

    Or how about giving away another Main Event seat?

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    Yes, I would vote for the triathlon as well - I felt that was the best contest since it combined all three gambling styles: poker, casino, and sports. I don't think the blackjack portion or whatever it is should count as much as it did in past years since it's the least skill intensive/shortest part of it all, but the general idea I thought was very solid!

    Not a huge fan of the main event seat honestly - I would pick the World Cup over that if given the choice. Why? Well because the team formatting of the World Cup creates a fun dynamic and the formatting of the playoff at the end is quite fun to follow as well (even if I personally have not exactly been successful at it haha). Plus lot of people get involved in it, 48 people in the finals after all. With the main event seat, really only one person walks away with the big prize - I prefer it spread out more. Just my opinion of course. The triathlon or something to that effect would be my first vote though as mentioned.

    Do hope there is something soon though - with football nearly close to over, and nearly all the relevant contests related to it over, might be a bit boring here for awhile without something in poker - March Madness is still a couple months away!
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    sorry, it's already time for the famed "world cup of poker"

    better get these photos ready again.....

    after a year of non-stop partying in celebration of our win, our team hos aren't exactly as fresh as they were before the celebration started.....

    f'n meth addicted rednecks.....

    I long for how they looked before the celebration started:

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    I love the world cup. It's particularly challenging for US players because even with 2 teams, the competition is very stiff

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    Lets get it going SBR! Triatholon or the WSOP main event seat series are great ideas if you ask me!