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    Puerto Rico and SBR Poker.... like Peas and Carrots

    wow, listening to Trump just now, he pretty much went over the disaster, absolute bigly disaster, that is puerto rico....

    detailing how it is at the end of its life span, is a total shithole with no redeeming qualities, full of people that absolutely do not give a flying liplock on a fukstick as to how it is run, and who will not get off their asses to fix things, such that the US mainland is having to fly mother f'ers in to simply drive trucks and make sure people don't steal shit, as the natives are too f'n traumatized to get off their own asses and try to fix things.....

    well, as I'm listening to what a total bigly f'n disaster and pathetic shithole puerto rico has become, one thought keeps entering my mind, particularly in light of beerdog's tens cracking my kings yet again yesterday, right after my aa was beaten by 77's a few hands earlier, and a few days before lowly ak cracks my aa by hitting mother f'n broadway yet again on the river..... and that thought is "WOW, SBR POKER is just like f'n puerto f'n rico!!!!"

    indisputably, both are shitholes, bigly disasters, at the end of their life spans, outdated, unable to even make a proper seat switch to even tables, nothing working, no promos, just unjust pain and a bunch of people sitting around on their asses doing nothing to better the situation.....

    wanna feel like a lazy puerto rican dealing with a disastrous shithole where no one cares???

    sign up for a daily mtt here at sbr, and enjoy the misery.....

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    cool story