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    Betpoints earned from SBR poker room? Please help

    Hello everyone !
    New user here as in yesterday ! It says earn betpoints from playing in daily poker tournaments, I played my first one and cashed for 150 poker points. what are these? why does it say pending ? rollover x3? Why can't I buy in again with these points? How do I earn betpoints from poker?
    Thank you to anyone that helps with these answers.

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    From Uk, 11-28-14. Quote:

    When you cash a tournament you win points that must be rolled over x3 before you can use the points for anything else. As a non pro you can sit at cash tables with rollovers that you win in tournaments, you just can't sit with real points unless you're a pro. When you go to take a seat just click "poker points available" to use them to buy in. Once you are completely rolled over, anything you have won/leftover transfers to your regular points account and you are free to use anywhere you please(store/casino/sportsbook/poker)