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    Juicy Stakes Steals $11.5k From Player

    I am writing this because the community should be informed. I am not looking for any sympathy nor what you think I should've done differently. First, a little background.

    Several years ago Juicy Stakes implemented a playing and withdrawal system that can only be described as extortion. The amount of play required to withdrawal the maximum of $1k would've taken me upwards of one year one check. I had a five figure balance somwhere around Juicy Stakes Steals $11.5k From Player11-12k stuck on there at the time. Had I actually played long enough to withdrawal one check I would've racked up a lot more than my current balance. I spent a lot of time and effort trying to come up with ways to get my money off the site. I even began a plan to flip all-in SNGs to accumulate points towards a withdrawal that way. I had done the math on how long it would take to complete. It would've taken forever with no guarantee I would've been paid out. I moved onto bargaining with management. I decided to go I as far as to offer them half my balance if they paid me out in full. They said no. Obviously a grim situation.

    The other day I logged in with the unlikely hope that the Juicy Stakes withdrawal policy had changed. I noticed my cashier was $0. I looked in my transaction history and saw a withdrawal for the full balance in May.

    I opened up their online support chat and asked them about it. They claimed I hadn't logged in in one year and their TOC stated a player idling for such a period resulted in full confiscation of funds. The rule pasted into chat had to do with logging in, not playing. They told me they weren't responsible for notifiying players. They also stated they sent me emails about my idle activity and the withdrawal. I did not receive one email. I had logged in four months prior to my money being stolen. I asked them for the log file showing my last login. They did not provide me with that. The senior adviser on shift, Peter, said he would forward the conversation to management who would get back to me in 24-48 hours. I received no response in that time. I thought back to all my time and effort put into this situation and made one last attempt. I informed them my plan to go public on every possible site I could if they did not restore my balance and immediately process a withdrawal within 24 hours.


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    wow that really sucks. What a joke of a poker site anyway. IDK what you can really do here since I think they are pretty much an illegal site anyway for U.S. players?

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    thanks for the support! correct, not a lot i can do. i've had a lot worse happen on poker sites. karma is real.

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    Man that effin sucks dude, but why not just play on the account every once in a while so this wouldn't have happened? How did you make that much on there anyway?
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