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    I agree with this post. Sign up maybe 2 hours before the tourney that way you will play 90 players not 50 players and 40 who signed up and were no shows.

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    Everybody should nominate the post of the OP, I just did. Click on the thumbs up right below the post.

    I think registration should open up 30 mins before the tourney starts, those who want to play will be there to join. 1-2 hours is too long, if you register for the tournament 2 hours before it starts then you have to wait around all that time. What if you're in town doing something or hanging with friends, you would have to rush back 2 hours before a tourney starts to register for it real quick only to wait around 2 hours...screw that. I like 30 mins alot better, you get back 30 mins before a tourney starts, register for it, then only have to wait around for 30 mins before it starts.

    BTW, where is an admin or some SBR staff member that can come in here and tell us if this change will ever happen?
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    Quote Originally Posted by playersonly69 View Post
    Well EMONEY, non pros have to pay to play
    And it takes some time to gather those points just to play once

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    Unlimited entries and pay top 10% just like all other poker tourneys online and in live rooms. If they went back to 3 or 4 a day as well that would probably leave enough room for everyone if it was limited to 90 man.

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