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    Why is it always like pulling teeth to get the tournament lines up?

    Never fails year after year. Wait, Wait, Wait

    Jeez, each of these teams has played 30+ games. It's not like there are any hidden secrets.

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    so look at their lineup from their previous game

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    when teams play back to back to back ect.

    you have to wait till all the pertinent news is out about injuries, suspensions ect.

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    Say it the same when books don't put up totals early in the year. They're afraid of getting their asses beat because of the unpredictability of this time of year. Scared linesmakers = good stuff for us.

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    Yah, 1 hour before tipoff and good books like Bookmaker and Pinn still don't have lines

    Why not just put up a guess at 8AM for $100 limit and let it get set by the market? Isn't that standard operating procedure?

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    It is strange, these games are guesses anyway not matter what the line is