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    Seems like Bobby is out of the loop as a mod

    Every time SBR posts something he asks how he can join.

    Beta tester for SBR are lines, bash questions, ect ect.

    Was Bobby just thrown on bone, told to move posts and give infractions....but doesn't communicate with SBR?

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    Damn you have to include the bash in everyone of your posts.

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    Or how about this angle.

    He may know the answers to the questions he proposes but asks them to benefit the rest of us here. I did that a lot in college where I knew something but the rest of the group had no fukking idea so I asked a question to extract info for everyone else.

    Either that....or I've made it.

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    I think you're right, Ryan. Bobby is a closet genius

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    Bobby is on a need to know basis

    and we are all on a need to know basis on what Bobby knows, and apparently we don't need to know what he knows

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    Quote Originally Posted by VegasInsider View Post
    that's what bobby would reply with too.
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    Mods who get paid in betpoints not on the same level as those who get real money

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    Bobby gets paid to do what he does. Thats all you guys need to know. No need for anybody to know what Bobby's duties are. You posters better get back to your wives or girlfriends and forget about what Bobby does.

    These guys are posting on SBR 20 hours out of the day and they worried about what Bobby's duties are? lol thats just crazy!!!!! Get a life, boys!!