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    Heading into conf tournys my plan was to play consevative and protect my winnings

    I know these games are hard to handicap and the lines are sharp. My plan was to play maybe half the amount I normally do even if I really like a game or total.

    So instead what do I do...... Yep you guessed it bet nearly twice as much as a normally do and not only that play twice as many games as I normally do. Taking some stupid ass bad beats on games that I had bet under that I lost because of OT putting me on tilt.

    Like an a true action junkie I'm cruising the service play section and adding hockey and NBA bets to the CBB action I already have.

    Somehow by the grace of God I got back to even tonight, erasing all my early tournament losses.

    Can I call the books and have my limits changed for the next three weeks so the max I can bet on an event is $100?

    God help me!!!

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    i cant believe how many NCAA games are going over the past couple of nights. its killing me as well. Cincy scoring 55 pts themselves in the 2nd half alone tonight

    if i had rutgers on the ml id probably be driving up to NYC right now