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    I dont like it, PT used to be the forum for all of our BS talk. Now I will start a thread or respond to one & then cant fukin find it because it has been moved. Theres no way of knowing what belongs where. Its confusing and a pain in the ass IMO. I post less because of it.

    Instead of splitting up PT because of "non sports" related threads, how about telling people to go to the fukin sports forums for all sports talk.

    PT should be left alone & the saloon done away with. Until it is I will continue to make my 3 or 4 posts a day & thats it. There will be no more 2000 post months like this triumphant moment back in May of 2010
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    All my threads getting moved to Saloon by mod(s). Does anybody even visit the saloon?

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    No strong feelings either way.

    If there is supposed to be a separation between gambling/sports and other stuff then the mods need to be consistent in terms of what type of threads are moved.

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