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    Rumor mill

    You ever wish you had a place to catch up on all sir drama at once. I think we should have a short and sweet place to post stuff. I will start

    1. Stealthyburrito is alive
    2. Rap lyrics are popular
    3. Jjgold may have cashed on bulls
    4. Tpowell and rochestertitans in a duel
    5. Some dozer dude leaving the board forever
    6. Somebody trying to turn 5 points into 90,000 dollars or something

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    7. Forward progress is a ghost

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    Frizzelli...listen to this first to calm yourself down before watching the next video.

    Good luck with your life pal.

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    Holy macaroni. forward progress/moosecanuckle or whoever you are... enjoyed your evaluation, but sbr has a place for everyone if they really want to be here, right?... just depends on how you look at it. keep up the vids though...maybe a little more melodrama next time... just a thought.

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    No one likes Samsincharge.