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    Got that mailer everyone has been talking about. They made "fastest payouts in the biz" the #10 reason on their "top 10 reasons to play at OM." cute...

    Let me just rewrite this for you all.

    "Dear Friend,

    When OddsMaker.com asked me, The Shrink, to endorse their website, I had to do lots of background check [yes those are the exact words used... nice grammar] to make sure that they are a reputable site. I have seen proof that their cash outs are paid out on time, every time. I have heard from many Big Players that their support staff is knowledgeable and second to none, so trust me when I say that these guys are as Stand Up as I have ever seen.

    As the founder and previous owner of TheRX.com, and the current owner of EOG.com I have been around long enough to know which website to stand behind. OddsMaker.com has my complete support and confidence when it comes to game fairness, cashing out, and player support.

    So go ahead, feel comfortable in taking OddsMaker.com up on one of their generous offers. I guarantee you will not be disappointed."

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    I got the mailer today, was going to scan it and post for Lulz

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