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    Got in 5 SuperBowl Squares at Work and Got Shitty #s on every square...Unreal

    Put in $100 for 5 different work superbowl square games and not one of my squares has a 0,1,3,4,7. I got nothing but 2,5,6,8,9s. There is no way in the hell I will get any return on this investment!! Should of just put the damn $100 on the Under. I know how this shit works, the girl who doesn't even know which team is which will win every one of these damn pots. I should have put my wife's name on all of the squares and would have probably improved my chances!

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    a missed EP, safety or 2pt conv and your golden!

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    Sounds like how I usually make out in square pools, Gambler! I always end up having to root for safeties and missed extra points