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    Legends: Weekly Betting Roundup for January 24-30, 2011

    Weekly Betting Roundup for January 24-30, 2011
    B. Sharps / Head Linesman / Legends

    Hello players! Another busy week has ended in the baskets, letís get to Monday and see what transpired. Monday was a busy day in the NBA; the house did well on the Detroit +12, Toronto +5, New York -8 games and the players countered with Chicago -7, Houston -3, and the amazing Spurs -5.5 to almost even things out. Always remember: Iím just giving you the big house wins and losses, the games I donít mention were of no significance but usually the house picks up a few hundred in juice on these games so it adds up of course. In college for Monday there were no big wins or losses so the books did ok overall for college and the day.

    Tuesday in the NBA the house had no significant wins; the players, however, did the damage with Denver -4.5, Boston (17) and Dallas (7) both landing on or near the number, and the Lakersí burying of Utah to have their biggest day for the week of the 24th to the 30th. In NCAA, the house faired a little better (they wouldíve had to) winning with Seton Hall +13, Florida +3, Colorado +7.5, and Wyoming +13. The players came back with a couple of wins with Clemson -8 and U Conn +5 to easily maintain their huge day from the NBA.

    On to Wednesday, the second busiest day of the week for the books. The house won with New Jersey +4, Minnesota +5.5, and the Clippers +8 (it fell 7, some players pushed but still a good game for the house) in the NBA while the players came back with Orlando -5.5, Spurs -3, and New Orleans -1.5 to minimize the house take a bit for the night. In the very busy college board the house picked up wins on West Virginia +7, Georgia State +8, Rhode Island +3, Air Force +10, and BYU -5. The players countered with Providence +5.5 (big syndicate game), Georgetown -8, Texas -4.5, North Carolina -1.5, Cincinnati -10.5, and Texas Tech +10. But it was still a good night for the books because of the amount of games and volume (I know I sound like a broken record but I canít stress the importance of action at the proper numbers).

    On to Thursday, my personal favorite day of the week, I like the West Coast schools playing at night (I know them better) and Iím not a big fan of the NBA and itís usually a 3-game schedule. In the aforementioned NBA the house won small with Houston +6.5 and the players won small with Boston -4.5, the Heat-Knicks game was a closely bet, high-volumed game with no real decision (house usually likes those unless they land on the number). In the NCAA action, the house won with Michigan +11, UCLA +7, Indiana +4, South Florida -10.5, and Saint Maryís +3 while the players countered with Maryland -5, Vandy falling 7, USC falling 2, and California -8.5 to dent the house profits for the night somewhat but still a good night for the books.

    Conversely, Friday is my least favorite night of the week with a large NBA schedule and minimal college action although I enjoy the Ivy League games just to see who is steamed and such. In the NBA, the house picked up wins on Memphis +4 with their amazing 4th quarter comeback, Washington +10, and Phoenix +4. The players won with Milwaukee -2.5, Indianapolis -6, Denver -9.5, and Utah -6.5. The Lakers being upset was a low-volume game that the house needed the Lakers small in. The reason I mentioned the Lakers game is people may see that and go ďWow, Lakers were favored by 12 and lost, books must have cleaned upĒ, but remember it is just a number, itís not like we had the game at pick (that wouldíve been a score, LOL) and one game in baskets doesnít make or break your day. In the colleges, the house won their only significant game of the day with Dartmouth +4 over Cornell to have a decent night overall.

    Saturday, the busiest you will be in this business in college hoop season, it is a lot of busy work and you must pay attention at all times because the volume isnít the same as college football, you need to have everything done properly from halftimes to moving off the right people and not worry what other books have, book to your sharp clientele and you will be fine. In the NBA, the house picked up wins on Dallas -5.5 (Atlanta syndicate game) and Sacramento +4.5 while the players countered with Chicago -7, the unbeatable Spurs -8, and the Clippers -6.5 to have a small winning night in the NBA, their first since Tuesday. In Saturday college hoops, the house picked up wins on Xavier +4, Louisville +5, Mississippi State +6, Colorado +8, Marquette -2, ASU +1, Texas Tech +2.5 (another OT win on the day), Arizona -7, and Rutgers +10; in the meantime, the players countered with Georgetown +4.5, George Mason -10.5, Valparaiso +2.5 (syndicate game, as was New Mexico +2.5), Tennessee +1.5, Old Dominion -18, Colorado State -1.5, Oklahoma +8.5,
    and Long Beach State -11.5, but all in all a big day for the books because of the number of games.

    Sunday closed out the week with two ridiculous All Star games that need scrapped, the Pro Bowl and the pick up sides high school PE hockey game; enough ranting, on to the real games. In the NBA the house won with Boston +3 and Cleveland +17 while the players came back with the Knicks +6.5, Phoenix landing 2, and Golden State -4.5 to wash out the day in the NBA. The Heat-Thunder game was a closely bet affair with no root either way. In college, the house did well with Saint Johnís +8.5, Indiana +10, and Maryland -1.5 while the players came back with U Mass -1 and the Washington State game over 152 to limit their losses for the day.

    A good week for the house, as most are during this time of year. Itís a grind and when done properly the house should win each week unlike football where there can be huge decisions that can make or break a week (also makes it more exciting though, too).

    Good luck players! Talk to you next week.

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    Thanks for all the details - always some good reading