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    Gonna be a rough one. Hopefully the power stays on! Definately going to be an interesting week here.

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    Bout to get 10-16 inches here in Lansing...hopefully I can get a snow day out of it

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    You guys can keep all that snow and cold temps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Resler View Post
    Yeah I am in iowa, quad cities are and people are freaking out heading to the stores. I'm not to worried about it and I'm coming to work thurs morning unlike a lot of people in my office.

    In the QC right now as well. Home is in St Louis. People are really freaking out up here. Had an audit in Rock Island and went to grab some food at Schnucks in Davenport and could barely move.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goofyre View Post
    I'm in SE MI and we're supposed to get hit tuesday with a ton of snow. I'm not looking forward to it.
    Royal oak here guy

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    dam its cold
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    Looks like we're in for about 8-18 inches of snow up here in eastern IA. Should be a blast
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    We were supposed to get hammered with snow in central Ohio but just kind of icey rain right now. Going to make another beer run in little while,definitely dont want to run out of beer.Probably take the kids so they can rent some games. Uncle Richie,any chance we can get a video?Always love your videos and choice of music is always right on spot.

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    Nothing better than a shitload of snow.

    Came into work at 330 today so I could avoid all the idiots on the road. Only passed 1 guy, so I was happy. Planning on leaving work at around 2 or 230 to avoid that afternoon traffic/and the major snow is supposed to come in then.

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    Getting about 3 inches an hour right now in Missouri, I'm going to guess 20 inches where i'm at.

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