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    how'd you do today?(Friday 1/28)

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    Damn, busy night for you. Good job.

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    Nice job well played on the suns. I made a few points with the Nuggets today.l

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    disastrous day! I'd rather not get into the details. I will say this.... I am strongly considering a hiatus from the game.

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    took the night off yesterday , going big today though

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    Magic (-1) $110 Loser
    Pennsylvania (-5) $110 Winner
    Timberwolves (+8) $120 Push
    Suns (-110)(ML in-play betting) $330 Winner
    Jazz 2H (-3.5) $115 Winner

    I also had a little 3 way nba parlay for $5 but it didn't cash, of course. but it was a great night with the Suns. I don't know why Bodog had them at -110 ml when they were up 9 points but I couldn't pass. Shaq and Perkins each had 2 fouls as well, I was licking my chops. the celtics were so tired

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