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    Anyone notice all the Alaska shows on tv?Palin factor?

    It's getting to be Alaska overkill on tv every night.Alaska highway patrols,Alaska fishermen,Alaska bush pilots,Alaska gold miners.Sarah Palin's Alaska.etc.etc.etc.on and on and on.Are the cable networks doing it because of Palin coming on the scene and always in the news?Is there a national interest fad in Alaska all of a sudden?

    The gold rush show is more lilarious than the 3 stooges or Laurel and Hardy.Why don't they ever disclose how much the tv production company gave them to offset their personal losses for making massive mistakes.When you watch the show you say to yourself,if they find all the gold in Alaska it will never cover their overhead.

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    Palin is just the latest.....many on before hers.

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    I just saw that Gold Rush show on Friday, that guy should have came up with a better plan then 20 year old shitty equipment and guys that have no clue. If he turns a profit I will be shocked.

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    I noticed this to. that gold rush show is stupid. Why would they want to have their kids with them if its so dangerous.