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    Quote Originally Posted by jjgold View Post
    weed is bad coke is much safer and better for your well being
    na JJ it increases your heart rate a bunch as well as your blood preasure. but to be honest when they gave the people coke in the same show ( just a different episode ) the heart rate seemed to be at a level that you would reach during a good jog. from what i saw if you dont go way crazy on it youll be alright... **** ive done it and enjoyed the hell out of it but dont go doing line after line. your heart cant handle it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACoochy View Post
    Studies have shown time and tiime again that long term weed use does less harm to your brain than any 'hard' drug, inc cigarettes and alcohol...Make excessive alcohol consumption illegal, that way i know i can go out to a bar without fear of being glassed by some parro fu**tard....
    they explained that in the show too. that there is no link to the way user hold it in their lungs longer and the weed hit being stronger. they also explained how the way you inhale increases tar build up in your lungs which does make it bad for your health in the long term.

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    Ok, Stop drink'in the fuk'in kool-aid! Today's cannabis is a lot stronger, therefore it takes very little to get you buzzed. One or two hits from a bong or vaporizer is the best way to smoke it. Plus it has none of the additives or chemicals that lying cancer causing cigarette manufacturers put in their tobacco to get you hooked! This natural herb has been used for centuries and I'm a firm believer in it's medicinal and healing properties. My mom, who's a breast cancer survivor, suffered from nausea and vomiting from all the chemo she went through, I finally convinced her one day to stop taking all those bullshit pills and just try one joint. Within minutes she was relaxed, the terrible chemo nausea was gone and she was able to eat and keep her food down. Mind you, this was a woman who never touched the stuff in her life and now she's as much an advocate for legalization as I am. It's really too bad we live in such a narrow mined society controlled by fear and ignorance, not to mention drug company lobbyists who never want this plant to see it's true worth. Cannabis could provide jobs, give alternatives to man made chemical medications, and it's cousin hemp, could save millions of trees and give struggling farmers a whole new form of agriculture. The cool thing is, cannabis is here to stay, no matter how many wasted tax dollars go into trying to eradicate it, it's part of our culture now and someday, it will legal and available to everyone.

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    mike, glad to hear your mother found some relief. The real victims in the war on marijuana is people like her who never try the stuff.

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