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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirty Sanchez View Post
    They're headed back to their past....kind of sad. If you've ever seen a game at Tropicana Field it's like a concrete tomb...just a horrible place to watch baseball
    Yeah, I've been going to Opening Day at the Trop for the past 4 seasons. I go visit my Dad that time every year and he's a season ticket holder. It's usually free parking and there is only one bar outside the stadium...which is a good time for sure. Trop is in one of the shittiest areas in Tampa/St Pete...they need to build a new stadium over on Dale Mabry (?) where all the other facilities are.

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    i can't wait for the baseball season to start

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    You're gonna like him. He's not always "on" but he'll take his turn every 5 games. I think he'll be missed in tampa but there are now 6 starters and he's the odd man out who will bring the most to the rays. the other possibilty was Shields but after last year they couldn't get shit for him.the rays always like propects and it looks as if they hit up the cubs for some of the best young players at their respective positions in the cubs' system. also the cubs picked up perez who in my opinion is much better than a throw in player that he appears to be on the surface.

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    awful, gave away 3 TOP prospects, one is a stud pitcher, for a bum in garza who will go 15-11 with a 3.33 ERA......total over paying

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenMAN View Post
    awful, gave away 3 TOP prospects, one is a stud pitcher, for a bum in garza who will go 15-11 with a 3.33 ERA......total over paying
    if all starters can finish 15-11...that would be fantastic in a rotation!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EXhoosier10 View Post
    Good move my ass. How does this help a team that isn't going to compete? Garza is a solid 3rd option on a good team, but none of his peripherals stand out. He was an above average pitcher on arguably the best defensive team in the league and now comes to Chicago, with our aging outfielders and a hitter's park (Garza is a FB pitcher on top of that). In the event that any of those minor leaguers develop into anything more than a replacement level player, this trade isn't going to be good for the Cubs. Garza will be making $10mil per while providing 2-3 WAR while one of the prospects will provide 1-2, have room to grow, and be making < $1mil. In a time when the Cubs don't have anything to compete for besides the biggest decline in ticket sales, this is a poor move by a GM
    who is fighting to keep his job by mortgaging the Cubs future.
    i was being sarcastic..... for a team far from a contender i cant believe they traded all these prospects. I do like garza but he is not the answer.

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