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    This game sucked big time i hate nba

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    Phila is much improved
    Buls weak without Noahl

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    Damn, dropped 30 points on this game too. Bulls lost this in the 3rd q.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSABB View Post
    "IF" I was a conspiracy theorist, I would say it's Friday (payday) and Vegas is pulling an awesome mindf*ck on everyone to take their money tonight and tomorrow, and here's how. Vegas looks at this matchup and sets it as Bulls +1. Every friggin' Bulls fan is gonna cash their paycheck and play this because they believe their team is going to kick ass like it did the last time these teams met. And later in the day, the line is going to change to Sixers +1 or +1.5, so that all those that are leery about this line jump on board with the Bulls too because now it's "not so fishy". Probably about 70% of the betting public will back the Bulls. Problem is, the Sixers are playing great ball right now, and have completely bought into Doug Collin' system. The loss of Iggie doesn't hurt much as this is an athletic team that is much better than their overall record, one of the best defensively at home, and certainly better than the ass-whooping they took the last time they played Chicago. And with Chicago looking ahead to its matchup with the Celts, I see the Sixers winning a tight one by 3 or 4. Advantage: Vegas. Fast forward to tomorrow, Bulls at home against a Celtics team coming off a back-to-back. Vegas will set the line at Bulls at -2.5 (or thereabouts) since the Bulls will now have lost 2 straight. And the betting public (including those that will lose tonight) will pound the Celtics +2.5 because of that, trying to make up for the loss they'll take tonight. And the Bulls will probably will win by 3 with a last second trey over a Boston team that's playing okay (but not great) without KG. Advantage again: Vegas. Good thing I'm NOT a conspiracy theorist, I just wanted to collect my extra points for posting something entertaining today.
    All I can say is...DAMN, I'm good.

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    This play sucked!

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    Congrats Philly backers.

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    i cant believe you idiots actually took the bulls

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