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    sometimes you just need luck

    I lost alot of money a couple weeks back at live casinos. About 10k playing baccarat. I was doing good in sportsbetting. But it seams alot of the better plays have been losing last month. Tcu really hurt. I know vtech has played a tougher schedule in my eyes. Even though people will question the acc. They have been rolling on all cylinders lately and proably should be the favorite. But boise st has the explosive offense that stanford has and they gave vtech trouble. I don't care I am going to leave it up to pure Luck and bet stanford. They told us all along you need Luck to win in gambling. the old saying rather Lucky than good. Well now i think I have Luck on my side. So I hammering stanford. Wouldn't you bet on a team if you knew you were going to get lucky?

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    take VT moneyline. they fell behind to bsu in the first qtr by a lot with sme stupid mistakes. after that they were the better team for 4 quarters. i bet BSU that game and felt really lucky to win. VT will win this game 34-27