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    I'm definitely on a losing skid - now what

    As recently as the Pats stompdown in Buffalo, I could do no wrong. In fact, that was the game, I amped up my levels.

    Usually I bet anywhere from $200-500 on a few games a week - I might bet $1000 on the superbowl or something.

    But then the Patriots happened.

    I was so sure the Pats would win and cover in Buffalo, I dug down and bet 5k - biggest bet I made in years.

    Right now, I think winning that bet, though it felt great, fukked me up.

    Because the next day I looked at the Atlanta/NO game and decided to take Atlanta for $3500 - house money, right?

    Well, I didn't love Atlanta or feel particularly sure about this second bet, not like I did with the Pats, but now I'm betting way, way more than I ever do - out of reckless hope. Took that one in the ass.

    Telling myself I'm still up I see what lots of people see and take the Eagles at home Tuesday night for $3000. Like taking money from a baby right?


    Now my net loss is damn near $2000 and I'm chasing figures I'm not used to playing (essentially adding a zero on my bets ... if I won 1 then lost 2 while playing my usual limits, I wouldn't have thought about any of this for a second) - now I make my biggest mistake.

    I bet the NBA last night, something I have no interest in or experience betting - I take the Celtics last night for another $3000.

    All fukked up. Just wish it wasn't New Years/bowl season, then I'd take a quick vacation.

    And I just can't generate any interest in making my usual 3 or 4 bets averaging $300 the next couple of days, the 3-day deficit makes me want to battle back in the 1000s.

    LESSON: maintain betting discipline, even when you know you're going to win. My skid started when I had no plan for being flush with winnings.

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    Biggest thing is staying consistent with your bet size. When you go big on games, you almost always get fukked in the long run. One big bet can fukk up several weeks of winning.

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    rule number 1 in this situation: DO NOT, i repeat DO NOT, follow brock landers plays

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    The term" House Money "is exactly what the house is hoping you will see it as.Once you have won it is"YOUR MONEY".Everytime the house wins do they put out bad lines because they beat you last week and it's really your money?
    O.K. to play more on a game when you feel strongly about it,but set your rules and stick with them.
    Standard play= X
    Strong play=X+30% of X.
    Whatever you decide ,but stick with it.

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    Everyone eventually gers buried because no one has discipline in this game

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjgold View Post
    Everyone eventually gers buried because no one has discipline in this game
    true i was up over $1200 xmas eve and after yesterday lost it all. peaks and valleys boys peaks and valleys.
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