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    The language they read and lip read with. I think that is pretty clear. Deaf and blind who knows.

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    They thing in the language they read, but probably its little different, since they don't know how to pronounce it right

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    Quote Originally Posted by samgurt View Post
    I agree...The question I wonder is what language does a multi-lingual person think in? The person has to speak all the languages fluently though
    I would think that it's mostly the language they use the most but I think they also think in other languages as well. This is especially true if their every day experience includes talkiing in multiple languages.

    Same goes for dreams. I would think a multi-lingual person would dream in multiple languages because that is their everyday experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shari91 View Post
    When I was living in Italy, I actually thought and dreamed in Italian after about a year there. But then again I was immersed in the language so I guess that makes sense a bit.

    I wonder what someone who is bilingual in English and Spanish would think in if they were living in a country where neither language was spoken at all. For example, some remote Asian or African place. Would they revert to the one they first learned as a child? What if one parent spoke English and one spoke Spanish so they learned them at the same time and were equally proficient in both?
    I know English, Spanish and Russian! It's kind of weird sometimes!

    When I'm here in the forum I kind of think in English! When I'm with my Russian friend is kind of Russian thinking! When I'm with my Spanish friends so Spanish!

    But there are some occasions when everything is kind of a mess!

    For example on New Year! There was a lot of people here most of them knew Russian so it was kind of everybody speaking Russian.

    Bu there was a Spanish guy who just came to visit her Russian GF so he doesn't know Russian.
    And there was a guy from Nepal that is new here in Russian so he doesn't know Russian also.

    So there was times when I was speaking to the other people in Russian and then change to the Spanish guy that's kind of easier cause Spanish is my native language!

    But then when I was talking to the guy from Nepal I started to speak in Russian with him! He looked at me and said "hey man I still don't know Russian" I was like damn

    It also happens sometimes that I'm talking for example with my mom on the phone and I can't remember a word in Spanish cause I've been long here in Russia so most of times I use that word in Russian.

    Is even strange cause with my friends, those who live here long ago. We sometimes are talking in Spanish and then all of sudden can use a Russian word but for us seems like normal. But when I'm talking to my mom and I said a word in Russian she's like "what did u just say?"

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    the language they are taught. everyone that is born does not know a language yet, they are taught it.

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