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    Bill Dozer reports on New UK Sportsbook BetClick

    SBR Bill Dozer reports: New UK Sportsbook BetClick (not rated) slow-paying players; blames payment processor. Bettors on Betting Advice forum discuss problems redeeming winnings.

    BA poster Bisonravi says: "Unfortunately Betclic do not pay out. In common with a number of users I have had pending payouts for two weeks now, and any request that these be actioned is met by excuse after excuse (there is a stock response asking for bank details after which the cashout will be processed within 48 hours, which Iíve now received and replied to 3 times!). This is not a reliable bookmaker, Iím afraid. I think they were hammered by the initial sign up and have serious problems with cashflow."

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    sounds like another scam shop...

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    Bill Dozer
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    BetClick started doing business without having all of their ducks in a row. They have problems with their processor and are suffering for it, losing players over small late payouts.

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    Heres something from the SBR Mailbag today.

    Player gives update on BetClick(not rated) payout complaint.

    "Hi Bill and team. There are some comments on the front page of your site which I made regarding betclick (under my nom-de-plume Bisonravi) in your forums. I want to say that since these were made I spoke to Betclick direct and they processed the payment to a different bank account. Their story - which I find relatively convincing - was that the initial payment was bounced back to them by their payment processor. I have since heard that users depositing and withdrawing with Moneybookers have had fewer if any problems.. This is a difficult one, as most books donít have the sort of problems betclick demonstrated. However by talking direct to their accounts manager (Bianca Robinson) I received acceptable attention and response. I think players need to be aware that there are some questions about this book, but I would inclined to cut them a little slack."

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    I registered with Betclic a while back and turned their bonus around and placed a few other bets, then I made a withdrawal through Moneybookers on a Saturday and I received the money the next day.

    So that confirms what is mentioned in the post above.
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    UK location seems to be key. If this happen in CR the quality of the book involved likely means that is the beginning of players getting stiffed. But in this cases looks like ACTUAL screwup on banking side.

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    I've used them a few times since the initial post. As a matter of fact I cashed out £1300 yesterday evening by Moneybookers and the cashout was processed within an hour.