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    Professional vs. Recreational

    I see that Olympica and BetJamaica are both on the recommend list, and I understand they are affiliated. Can someone help me out on what the differences between the books. Why one may be prefereable over the other. What are professional players looking for that the recreational players are not?

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    Pro players look for higher limits and better lines such as Pinnacle. A shop like BoDog is geared at the rec player. They offer bonuses, reload bonuses, lower limits, and usually have free neteller.

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    I would add to that that a pro player's first priority is getting the absolute best line.

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    Most pros do not bet many games

    most pros have big bakrolls



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    Pro players look to make money all the time on this...that simple isnt it? :-P
    Now that includes getting away with bonuses, best odds, etc...thats why pinny is the Nr.1 for most pros, they have the best lines with no 2nd in sight.
    Pros like shops where they can bet larger amounts when they find a bet they like. Cris and DSI would be examples for very good books for both type of players, cause they wont cut you down AND offer bonuses.

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    Pros move the line, amateurs bet the line!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjgold

    Most pros do not bet many games

    most pros have big bakrolls

    I'd have to argue and say you are misinformed when stating that pros do not bet many games...

    The BEST in this industry are SYNDICATES who usually average between 55-57% per year, but they make lots of money by the volume of games they bet and the amount they get down...

    It is not uncommon for them to place 20-30 bets on any given College Football Saturday and the same holds true for College Hoops...


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    i am a pro