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    If there's civil unrest and the pigs are coming to take me out... I've got enough firepower to reenact the final scene of scarface on my front door step.

    Just thought I'd throw that out there... (lol).

    We'll all see what happens in the coming months. I just hope the squares keep on betting. As long as I can gamble on sports (and beat my bookie) nothing else really bothers me (that much).

    If I had some control over this country's financial future, I'd step up. Unfortunately, none of us have that kind of power. Unless you guys are ready to strap-up and form voltron against these capitalistic, war raging pigs... there's little more to said about this issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ritehook View Post
    Can't say I disagree with most of this post (tho more dubious about the second post . .. altho there are those on these boards who would concur re 9/11).

    The remarks about the ethonol scam are right on the mark. It's not only the major agribusiness firms that engineered this snooker job, but the fact that all prez candidates must campaign in Iowa, whre they have to promise the farm lobby there to push for ethonol.
    You cannot claim that someone or some group did not make billions of $ in profits by buying puts on a wide spectrum of companies that would see their stock price drop as a result of the events on 9/11 a few weeks before 9/11. This is a well documented fact and is a matter of public record.

    You might argue with the conclusions that someone makes about who made those profits and why, but the fact that it happened cannot be argued with.

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