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    Quote Originally Posted by purecarnagge View Post
    Is trying to take me to collections for 249.56 for my bank refusing to honor there request to debit my account.

    A request I did not make or give them permission to. They attempted to debit my account on there own accord multiple times. I only made 1 deposit with BetEd.

    I honestly don't know what to do, laugh or call this agency up and tell them to F off. I don't want this company to get my number though. Then they would call me all the time.

    What to do, what to do...I know I never authorized a debit for 249.56.
    I didn't want to bring back an old topic from several years ago but I am pretty much in the same situation. There has been several topics in the SBR forums dealing with JMC issues but this seems the most helpful.

    Couldn't send a PM to you purecarnnage but I was wondering how it went with JMC?
    I received a letter saying if I do not respond asking for debt validation, they will take this debt as valid if I do not respond within 30days.
    I had a ********** on my CC because I had unauthorized transactions, so why would I have a debt collection agency after me?

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    im also in a similar situation....i bounced 2 *************** deposits with beted thinking my bank account had a $10,000 overdraft limit when it really had only $1000 (it was a big misunderstanding that is all my fault) and i wanna pay beted every penny that i owe them but my fear is this = after i pay them back will they try to "punish" me for bouncing 2 checks on them? will they "slowpay or nopay" the next time i try to make a withdraw from them? any feedback (positive or negative) would be very much appreciated to settle my confusion

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    you cannot be prosecuted for gambling debts that are illegal.

    they will try to say that you had an agreement with said company. Said company will be Beteds third party processor. Just ignore them. When they contact you simply state I have no business relationship. There is a thing about debt collection about requesting proof or verification of the debt. Basically, you have to say it simple as fact.

    You have no case
    any action to collect on this debt is against the debt collection act
    this is an illegal debt therefor is not valid
    I am notifying you to cease all calls to me and to cease any attempt to collect this debt, including selling this debt to another collection agency. I also request all contact to take place in writing to my address that you have on file. Any attempt to contact me by phone will be met with prosecution.

    And if they break or violate any of the debt laws, go after them. They are breaking a law, you are not. ( you will always reference, that you have no business relationship with the third party processor). If it goes to court, they are not going to admit they are trying to collect on illegal debts, meaning there company is engaged in illlegal activity.

    Everything should cease after following all the information in this post.


    Why feel sorry for a sportsbook. If SBR has taught me anything, its that the book is always looking to screw you over. Mistakes happen, and if they were reasonable you wouldnt be in this situation. For being unreasonable, just refuse to deal with them and move on to another book.

    IF ANYTHING I STILL HAVE time to sue the collections agency for posting my information on the forums here.
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    Also why cant you pm me?

    If you want to work something out with them just call them up resolve it. Problem is I spoke to people who didnt want to explain why I had illegal transactions on my bank account. At this point in time I felt that buying a house was more important than spending time defending myself to an offshore sportsbook, and ceased business with them. They wronged me worse than BETUS did. But thats okay.

    Prolbems with sports books

    5dimes- tony
    beted- thieves
    Looselines- Jacked withdrawal rates up after I deposited, then sent me less than my requested amount of funds, then asked me to pay the extra charges for having to do a 2nd **.
    Betus- horrible book that slowpays and flags your account for different sets of lines.

    When someone sends you to collections they no longer have any say over the debt. So upon freezing my account via automated email and sending the collections stuff, why would you speak to the book...there is literally nothing they can do... They already sold the debt and obviously didnt want to speak to me.
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    Joke of a book. WTF?

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    screw BetEd, they're so horrible

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    Is BETED still a horrible book?

    SBR RATING of B-

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    Yes fish.

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