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    In tourneys you need luck to win. But if you suck then you need crazy luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imgv94 View Post
    I think online requires more luck than live.

    At least live you can see the other guy and feel them out.
    Good point. They only way to gage the online player is to study his play over time, live is much better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davydave View Post
    Good point. They only way to gage the online player is to study his play over time, live is much better.
    While this is true to a point, do you think People using Tableninja and multitabling 60 tables really are thinking about their opponent?

    Of course with that said, if you have any reaction time whatsoever, and have an HUD, you will know that player pretty well over a VERY short period of play....

    Also, with all the information available, + the use of legal (and illegal) technology... The "Price" of "luck" has gone WAYYY WAYYYY down....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick McIrish View Post
    There is always a "best player", the line between the have and the have nots is very clear for anyone wanting to listen, the fact you aren't part of the winning subset has led you to be blind to the fact. As for why good players need to get staked - it's rarely due to poker. In a few cases it might be as someone is playing over their head and so on but usually it's other bad habits that lead to solid poker players needing a stake. TJ Cloutier and his crap habit for example. Great poker players often have an expensive habit it seems, they just can't seem to stick to what they win at. Good poker players rarely (if ever) have a bad year, it just doesn't happen. Not because they are "lucky" sir, it's because they are better than their competition. Losers cry about being "unlucky", winners keep taking the cheese. Been that way forever, will be that way forever going forward. Carry on.
    Good players never have a bad year? lol

    Guess you've never seen Dwan, Hansen, Negreanu, etc, get crushed.

    They need to be staked because variance is too big even for the best players.

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    Daniel Negreanu

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    That doesn't sound like pure LUCK to me!!

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