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    Quote Originally Posted by SBR_John View Post
    Anyone else have a scammer they would like to throw out?

    How about the famous Lenny of Cascade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SBR_John View Post
    How about Jeffery Pearson?

    Remeber this guy? He owned several scam books but the best known was Luckys Sportsbook.

    Any one have any expierence with Lucky's or know what happened to Jeff??
    A U.S. citizen who graduated from being a multi-million-dollar scammer to the intellectual author of two murders got a 50-year sentence in a criminal court Wednesday.

    He is Jeffery Allan Pearson, who made up to $13 million scamming mostly retired U.S. residents with fake business opportunities.U

    Also convicted were two former policemen who were the trigger men. The killings were attributed to business differences.

    Agents said the trio were linked to a murder Nov. 1, 2006, of a Colombian man at the Las Garantías Sociales traffic circle and the killing of a pirate taxi driver Sept. 9, 2007, in Los Anonos de Escazú.

    The murder Nov. 1, 2006, took place in Zapote and claimed the life of Diego López Enao, a Colombian and caused injury to a Limón resident in the same car identified as Roy Ricardo Lindo Calvo, then 34. In all, killers pumped 17 bullets into the vehicle. Police suspect the weapon was an Uzi machine pistol.

    A female taxi passenger survived the Sept. 9, 2007, attack when killers failed to see her in the back seat of the vehicle which had polarized windows. The confrontation took place near the Los Anonos bridge in Escazú and took the life of the driver, Luis Guillermo Rojas Meza, also formerly of Colombia.

    The scam was operated at times under the name of Twin Peaks Gourmet Coffee Inc. Phone salesmen tried to convince individuals to send money for coffee machines or sometimes other types of vending machines. The U.S. Justice department characterized the operation as a voice-over-Internet scam. Victims thought the callers were in the United States. Actually they were in Escazú or La Sabana.

    Had Pearson not been charged with the killings, he faced extradition to the United States. Many of his associates have received long sentences there. They included Stephen Schultz and Sirtaj Mathauda, who used the name of Mark Boland.

    The convictions likely will be appealed.


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    Thanks for finding that! Yep good ole Luckys. They bought advertising and operated normally except there was no payment processing department. None needed, it was truly s deposit only book and a decent sized one.

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    Wow, Pearsons sounds like a piece of shit. Good Bumped thread here, where are the rest of the guys now?

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    Let's add more scammers to this list guys.


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    jay cohen

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    I don't know many of these, but AK is a scumbag who posts on forums as if he'd be an OK dude.

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    What about Mike Mitchell????????????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick McIrish View Post
    Every time I hear from people in CR who see him Pearson isn't keeping a low profile at all. You'd think he would but he's out and about all the time.

    We'd expect you to keep a low profile as well after your $50K stiffing. Something about a nephew who got a hold of your account? I read the news in the RR over at Rx from a reliable source:

    "1)Stiffed a bookie out of a big balance
    2)claimed his nephew went into his desk when he was out of town and stole all his account nummbers.
    3)All this coming from a guy who talked constantly about his honesty and integrity"


    I have yet to hear ONE person who buys your nephew story

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