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    There must be a thousand NFL challenges/contests coming up

    What are your plans?

    There are so many free contests with cash prizes. A person could enter, like, a hundred of them. Nothing to lose really.

    I don't want this to be a Website promotion thread, I'm just wondering in general if some of you guys really go nuts with this stuff.

    Me, I'm already entered in two cash challenges (fairly low stakes). If WWTS has their free contest again, I'll probably at least start out the year doing that.

    And of course whatever SBR does, I'll participate (assuming mods are allowed). To answer the obvious question, the details of that are still being worked out.

    That may be it for me.

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    cat, i don't do contest personaly. so, it's not a big deal to me at all if SBR does any or not.

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    I never play them

    chump change



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    It takes a lot of time to be in contests, I generally don't play them because of time management. I will try to play a few this year as I have a little more free time. I am not sure if they pay for themselves as everyone's time is worth money!

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