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    SpankOdds is no Donbest

    SpankOdds may have lured Pinnacle to them and away from DonBest, but the quality of their service is not even in the same ballpark.

    1. There is often incorrect odds, including at the most important sportsbooks (and that dosn't even include when they say they are having trouble transmitting the lines for a particular book. I can only really trust the accuracy of the books that I can verify with my own eyes (such as at Bookmaker). I really don't trust the accuracy of the Pinnacle lines.

    2. When books take down a line, Spank rarely shows that there is no line.

    3. Many times the notification and lines for 2nd halves do not appear until well after halftime has begun.

    If DonBest had Pinnacle lines then nobody would use SpankOdds now that it's no longer free.

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    Appreciate the info there Ron