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    2023 Stanley Cup Champions Vegas Golden Knights

    Might be too long or too much info but here it is!

    What can you say about this team? What the Knights have done on the ice is truly remarkable but what they have done for the city of Las Vegas is pretty damn amazing. To me itís the story, I moved out here long ago. 2004 Las Vegas was everything you already know about Las Vegas. It was a strip of hotels/casinos and people off strip that worked in them and that was about it. Over the years this city has changed a lot, people have come and gone, casinos built, casinos imploded, itís been boom and itís been bust and boom again. You hear lots of people talk shit about Las Vegas but thatís mostly from personal and bad experiences. Itís a vacation but to many itís their home. Itís a great community off strip of people that work hard and care. Sure, there is riff raff but look out your window. The Knights coming to Las Vegas gave this city something more than the strip, something more than the stereotypes, it gave the city something of its own, something some will never get unless you live here and feel it. The Raiders and Aís will never be that.

    I left in 2007 for Scottsdale, Arizona and moved back in 2018. Couldnít wait to get back here but had an opportunity in Arizona, close friends there and built a business there. Coming back here has been great for my business and family. Las Vegas always had an energy to me that I enjoy and that my family loves. Always something happening. My kids play for the Lil Knights in the Golden Knights practice facility and seeing their faces last night as they lifted that cup is something Iíll never forget. My 8 year old looking at me with a fat lip from his Sunday game and tears in his eyes saying ďwe did it and maybe someday I can do it.Ē He canít wait to see his favorite players at the practice facility because yes- they are in there hanging out many days.

    This team is made up of mostly selfless guys who were traded, left unprotected, cut, undrafted and sent packing. Name a guy and he has a story. So do the Panthers, Leafs, Jets, Oilers, etcÖ Many will say the Knights got lucky by the new expansion rules and there may be some truth to that but the rules are the rules and the good franchises learn how to work the rules to their advantage. Ultimately winning the Stanley Cup is about teamwork, pride, grinding it out, toughness, perseverance and a willingness to do whatever it takes. They did all that. The guys played their asses off and dominated. A new hero every single night. I grew up a Red Wings fan and there was no greater feeling than breaking through in 1997 but this is pretty damn close. Cheers.

    Go Knights Go!
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    Congrats mate.

    What a feel-good moment the win is.

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    Congrats I wanted Florida to win but I remember the Red Wings Stanley cup runs it sure isn’t like Hockeytown in Detroit anymore Detroit Lions are the big team now