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WAY to many mega-squares have entered the market Chucky
Salud, Fish. Good point. With MOST states now offering sports-betting, it's as easy as driving to your local shop.

A few observations:
1) If the books realize this and know that the bets are PRICE-INELASTIC...why bother giving a fair deal? I mean, they're going to bet anyway.

2) One has to figure out what edges that might create for the modern sharp-bettor.

3) One fallout that I've heard on the podcasts from the Last two years: *NFL live lines when there is injury risk.
...In the past, that # would be Off The Board until later in the week. No way do books want to take action when the key player news isn't coming until the Thurs Injury Report.
...NOW, it's just post a line and see how people bet it. Bettors at the USA state books don't want to wait around. They want to bet early in the week, so now the concept of the "Off The Board" is mostly extinct.