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    PIT Boss up at parx casino pissed me off

    was last saturday night so i wanted to play the $5 mini bet electronic table i only had $90 left had to put $10 in gas

    so im playing 2 hours i think all of as suddeen big fat bald head with the fat crease in his neck in back looking like a country bumpkin says to me your not allowed to set the dice just pick em up n throw em ..... there is no rules posted in any casino any where about this

    the playfiled is hard plexiglass and dice just dont stop like they do on felt so my point was 9 i tripled up the DONT pass odds of $18 to $54 and took down the $15 place bet Bam 7 out in 2 trhrows was only 5 of us playing

    so the others i winked at after pit boss left to follow me

    minimum place bets and more on DP just in case we made points wind up i had won huge $$425 + my 90 $515

    and we sunk that table for thousands the reg tables were $25 minimum and i'm never playing on them again

    you cant place 6or 8 for $24 has to be $30 so minimum start bank has to be $1000 and no white chips allowed in middle not even on hop 7's any 7 pays 4-1 just screw it when playing on $25 minimum

    funny tho when laying odds aginst 5 or 9 i can use white chips like $36 to win $24

    cant wait next time if cant get reg mini $15 or $10 i play on that table and just play do not pass

    i watched it for 1/2 hour couple times and hardly any made points

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    Those tables delaminate and most casinos have gotten rid of them. I've been known to roll 77 7s in a in row on those tables

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    He probably noticed that the last six times on a weekday after 7 pm that you were down to your final $100, you won. Go back in the afternoon, he'll probably let you set the dice.

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    If you are rooting for a 7, I don't see how setting the dice would help. So why should they care.

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    What are you setting them on? The flying V? Boxcars?

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    seems like a dcik just looking to pick on someone