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    Eagles by 7. Bengals by 3.

    Both games will be really cold at kickoff. Bengals are the best team in the league when it comes to cold weather play after last weeks showing. Mahomes ainít going to be 100%. QB position is 20% of the outcome. Eagles with Hurts are pretty much unstoppable, if they utilize him to his full potential. I havenít done the research on how the 49ers performed in cold weather games but Iím going to assume their not used to anything but nice weather. KC has the worst defense out of all these teams imo. They are riding on Mahomes magic and I think out of all 4 teams they are the worst one now. Eagles and Bengals in the SB with Bengals coming out on top.

    GL on your picks! These are mine.
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    In 9 postseason appearances Andy Reid never won a Super Bowl with the Eagles. Burrow has been great but I think the horseshoe falls out of his azz this weekend. All the talking heads will be discussing Reid vs his old club or rematch vs the Niners. As much as I prefer Bengals to win, I don’t like them in this spot.

    my 2 cents, Reid vs Niners in a losing affair. Kyle shanahan’s playoff record is impressive, I’ll gladly take their defense, coach, and Robbie Gold…who has missed 1 Fg since October 9th, averaging 12 points the last two games. Too much is made out on Purdy, he’s actually perfect for this system, defense wins championships.


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    bet-on-line now has chiefs plus 2.do not write off k.c here.why. andy reid will have a great game plan even with mahommes on limited mobility.kelce could win the game for k.c.now the other game i believe will come down to the 49rs front 7.sf defense is rated no.1 for a reason.

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    i like both your numbers cause i am playing around with alt spreads and round robins.

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    ummmmmmmm if mahoomes is hobbling they go with vet back up chad henne this is the super bowl loser with 2 strikes against them # 1 0-2 start #2 playbook cover jinx 100% who ever is on the cover never won a super bowl 2 who got there lost s/u and ats R wilson vs pats a pcem and Patriots with brady - 4.5 lost by 8

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    Leaning to both teams as well

    Mahomes wont be as mobile and Philly at home and healthy

    Philly to win SB