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    It's An Absolute Mystery That Prayer (God) Is Accepted In The NFL? What Happened?

    They were trying to get rid of prayer... God... everywhere. But we have teams kneeling at midfield.... in prayer. What exactly is going on?

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    Timmy Tebow caught shit for doing it.

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    These Thugs are the Great PRETENDERS & will godouche after pretending to believe in

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    Nick Saban has accepted Christ and allowed him to run through his veins. This will grant him and his staff a National Champion by 2026.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiggityDaggityDo View Post
    Timmy Tebow caught shit for doing it.
    Here's the context I don't mind it:

    1) When there's an injury, goes do the kneel/prayer.
    2) After the game, they circle and thank for no injuries.

    To me, it's not a religious statement. More of an act of respect/sportsmanship.

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    hail mary