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    REPORT: San Diego State To Join Pac-12

    I wonder if the PAC 12 can still get a conference together after they lose USC and UCLA and would probably lose both Oregon and Washington not too long later. I hope they do and college football still has 5 major conferences instead of 2 or 3 like it looks like it is headed for.

    Aztecs getting the call up?

    Realignment news never ends and the latest over the last few months since USC and UCLA bolted for the Big Ten.
    The Pac-12 has been scrambling to add or maybe not add teams.
    San Diego State has been a team that has been mentioned, and Dan Patrick reported on his radio show that an announcement could be in the very new future.

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    10-15 years from now, the top 30 or 40 teams are going to split from the rest of Div. I-A and form their own league; probably the Big 10, SEC and Big 12.

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    Dan Patrick says