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    Make SBR Betpoints Matter Again
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    lets get that middle

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    Invest In Ethereum And Bitcoin
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    This could be a shootout Over 70.5

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    Brock Landers
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    Keep fading USC like last week

    People loved Fresno st and I have no idea why.

    USC is absolutely loaded
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    bRoKe DiK pRo
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    LOL Does Joey think we are dumb??? He wanted Beavers money soooooooooooo bad that the line was cut in half in 2 hours flat

    "We had a high opinion on [USC]," said Joey Feazel, lead college football trader for Caesars Sportsbook. "So we put out a number to kind of attract Oregon State money. And it worked."

    Action from influential bettors came in on the Beavers immediately at Caesars, and Feazel moved the line down aggressively. Line archives from odds provider Don Best Sports show Caesars went from USC -13.5 to -9 within 30 minutes and was down to -7 less than two hours after posting the opening number.
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    Update your status
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    Lets not complicate this

    USC ML