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    Michigan -47 UConn (Who you got)

    Connecticut homer checking in.

    Oh the humanity.

    If Michigan treats this like a final four game tournament, spent all week prepping for a game against like an Ohio State, the Wolverines beat my beloved Huskies by 100 points.
    Too bad this isn't a hoops game, then that would be a war.

    But it's not, this is a charity game, Michigan is throwing UConn a bone financially speaking.
    My read is like Saban and Alabama when they play Bumfuck U. is that Harbaugh will call off the dogs once he gets up 31, and brings in the 'spirit B squad.

    I don't lay 47 under any circumstances, but I have a strong feel that this clusterfuck does not get to 60 points.

    UConn will be lucky to get 10, unless we score a fluke opening kick TD like the Clemson/UConn game last season, you guys remember that, Husky dude receives the kick, bobbles it once, bobbles it twice, finally gobbles it up, reverses, and runs straight up the sideline.

    My take on this clusterfuck is Michigan 41 UConn 6

    UNDER 59.5 to kickstart my day.

    I don't want any part of the side (-47)

    If UConn wins, meet me at the Sea Grape on Penfield Beach in Fairfield, the first two round are on your pal Nasher.

    Oh the humanity.

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    i think they win by 31 to 37

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    Michigan will score in the 50's; lay the points.

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    Lol I just saw Wayne (Newman) walking his dog a few minutes before opening this thread. Sign from the gods to roll with you on the under

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    Love the SeaGrape Nasher