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    Betting on corners in the EPL

    I'm mainly a Basketball better, but until the NBA, I'm going to do some Multi's on the corner
    options in the EPL.

    I've gone to stats pages to see what teams average per game, Home
    and away and how many they concede home and away.

    I just need a week to week system, with a little bit of a hedge.

    My Multi will consist of just TWO games.

    Basically my main bet is going to be the Over on corners for the game .

    eg 8.5+ corners.

    It's the second option Im taking that I'm unsure of, for those that bet corners should I go for...

    First to 6 corners option and take the neither


    An Individual team total corners.


    Total corners

    eg: Under 10
    Exactly 10
    Over 10

    Thoughts will be appreciated.

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    Check with PavyRacer. He is the sharpest soccer guy around here.